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5 Responses to B.J. Thomas Release Of “The Living Room Sessions” Time Square

  1. What a great promo on Times Square wall. This is great. This is going to be a great year for you, BJ.

    • Finally, the album we’ve been waiting for, all our lives…Almost here…Art Sanders KOMO radio/TV, Seattle

  2. Wow Time Square … Amazing! This is a banner year for you BJ! Congratulations! I am really looking forward to hearing this new release! Can’t wait!

  3. BJ Thomas is back! Well at least he is being promoted better with his new CD! He is a treasure and down to earth guy! Did I mention he has the male voice I have ever heard!

  4. Dear Mr. BJ Thomas,

    You are one of only five singers I love and admire. My best song is RainDrops keep falling on my head. I grew up to your songs and always had them stored in my mind. Your songs/voice brings me back to where I want to be, in the 70’s and I want to be stuck there while I listen to your music. I just noticed you were born on Aug 7 . My birthday is Aug 7. I am so elated to know you are a leo. I hope I look as good as you for your age. You look 48. There is so many people whom feel the way I do about you and your music. We love you. I wish you the best always. Salvatore

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