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BJ Meets with Wrinkled Records

BJ Meets with Wrinkled Records

BJ and Gloria Thomas meet with Wrinkled Records and Producer Kyle Lehning to discuss BJ’s new project.

Front Row: Kyle Lehning, BJ Thomas
Back Row: Stephen McCord, Sandy Knox, Katie Gillion and Gloria Thomas

One Response to BJ Meets with Wrinkled Records

  1. BJ you are one of the top pure singer and one of the best i have heard in contemporary english genre. I am a brother in the Lord. I am seriously trying to develop more my right brain(the artistic side). I need your help. I would like to get a music sheet with simplified guitar chords for two songs, I need a Miracle, and Home Where I belong. I have a song books with your songs but the chords there are quite challenging for a middle ager now and it would really help me a lot with my worship ,and walk with the LOrd. I am about 10 years younger(earthly age) than you. I just might show up at your concert in Lewiston, Idaho this coming August 23, Frontier Park, and meet you in person. thnx much, love in X, bro md

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