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4 Responses to BJ Thomas on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  1. I just saw BJ on television and was truly amazed by his performance. He looks better with age and still has that amazing gifted voice.

    • I saw him in person in West Virginia. We were in the first row, he was standing directly in front of us so I know there was no voice over. He could start all over again tomorrow and would have lost nothing. His voice is just as clear and pure as it was in the 70’s-amazing!!!

  2. I fell in love with B.J. Thomas the first time I heard him sing when I was a kid and I still feel the same way. What an amazing voice! What an amazing man! Love you always B.J..

  3. I’m thrilled to have a front row seat in your upcoming performance in Oxford, Alabama. It’s a gift from myself to myself. Lol. Your voice is still as strong and pure as in the 60’s. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to. Since my husband passed away, it really takes a very special event for me to get out alone. You are the best thing so far to give me a reason to have a night out. I cannot wait to see and hear you. Best wishes to you and Gloria.

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