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17 Responses to BJ Thomas The Living Room Sessions Behind the Scenes

  1. I’m your biggest fan ever, i dont now what it is whit your voice, but each time i listen to your songs, it calms me. I have my favorites songs, many of them are, still, i prefer everything original, beacause, i’m one olf fashion cind of girl. Please, dont do to mush, sometimes less is better, and to me, you will always be the best signer ever. i’m from Montreal,Québec, to bad you dont come here to do a show. Love you, again, your biggest fan Claudette XXX.

  2. Congrats, great work on the CD. This is the best. This is what you wanted always and so glad you finally did it. Its your dream. You followed your heart & went for the dream. Now watch it grow. Love it. Luv Jackie

  3. B.J. Thank you for sharing your wonderful music & congratulations on the great work on the CD. the CD is awsome. I have always loved your music. God Bless you & your family.

  4. Dear B.J. saw your show in Moncton New Brunswick Canada came up from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada to see, it was the best show I ever saw in his show of all his hit at the National Arts Center in Ottawa Canada a number of years ago Burt Bacharach referred to you as a gentleman and I think that says everything great new CD. Happy Birthday.

  5. All these people keep saying they are your biggest fan but that can’t be because I am. Well, actually, I am tied with my BFF as your biggest fan. I have ordered four of the new CD’s. Just can’t wait. All I listen to is BJ. If someone rides in my car they have a choice of music out of 30 CD’s. BJ Thomas or BJ Thomas or BJ Thomas. Same with my Ipod. You are the one and only and I am so hoping to see you in Roswell in June.
    Love you and love Gloria.

  6. I was so impressed and thankful to hear that you are a born again christian. I can’t remember, but I thought it was on the Billy Graham Crusade. I just wanted to tell you I was so glad to hear you say that. Mary

  7. I have been a long time fan of Bj’s and every cd he puts out is just wonderful,i listen to His music all the time, i wished he would have put ‘You call that a mountain ‘ on this cd i love that song God bless you BJ you havent got nearly the recognition i believe you deserve but your still going stong Godspeed to you if you ever need anything just call on me and I’ll be there bless you bj thanks .

  8. I’m originally from Jackson, MS. I heard you perform at your club there(BJ’s)and met you after the performance. (Yes, it was a few years back) Always loved your music. You’re unique and have a special sound, a oneness with the music. Performers/singers like youself are few and far between. What a voice, you’re special.
    Thanks for all the joy,
    Bob Sullivan
    Huntsville, AL

    • I am a big fan of BJ Thomas, myself. He is indeed a wonderful
      preformer, I really admire him. I caught him a few years back
      at the Hollywood Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. I do hope he
      comes bak to the Hollywood, soon. I really enjoy his new work
      on Sessions, I could hardly wait to get it in the mail.

  9. The Living Room Sessions album gives this BJ Thomas fan of 47 years a thrill. Same great songs, same great voice, brand new interpretations. This album brings out the true qualities of the voice that makes BJ Thomas so special. Congratulations to Kyle Lehning for assembling great musicians and guest artists to create the best BJ Thomas album of all time.

  10. I have loved your music from the first time I heard “Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head”. There are so may more songs that are my favorite. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more.

  11. It was really great to see B. J. at the Hollywood Casino
    in Biloxi again. It brought back so many memories to me.

    Thanks again,
    Debbie Phillips

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