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8 Responses to RADIO & TV APEARANCES

  1. Hello BJ:

    I actually played in your band for a few concerts back in the late 1970’s when you invited students from Olivet Nazarene University to come on stage and perform. I was honored and had you sign the back of my Tenor Sax Reed.

    Since then, I’ve had the privilege of promoting and book a few Christian and Secular Artists. We are still big fans and will always follow your calming and uplifting music. Looking forward to your new acoustic project. Keep up the good work as we reach the twilight of our journey’s in this life.


    Gary B.

  2. Dear B,

    I stayed up late and watched the whole Jimmy Fallon Show. It was good to see you looking well and enjoying the stage time. It’s my hope that Fallon and others will recognize the national treasure you are, and have you sit down on late night TV and talk. You have a lot to share about life. Give my best to Gloria and the girls. Hope to see you soon.

    Your long-time friend,
    AKA Rock N Roll Rieke

  3. Dear B.J.: I happened to notice on a recent email sent to me that among other radio shows scheduled is an appearance/interview you have with Dennis Miller tomorrow on the 11th in the morning.I live up here in the greater Portland,Or.area and have not been able to find Millers station on the am dial.It does’nt help any that his call letters are not shown on his website.It would be great if somebody would or could email this info to me by the end of the day today-4/10.I would love to tune in to this interview in particular,as Miller,as you probably know,is quite the brainiac regarding many things culture and Americana.I emailed him yesterday and told him,among other things,that you two in a way resemble each other facially/hair wise,and even upper body wise,particularly on the side photos of both of you in suits.Check out SNL era Dennis in the 80’s and yourself at that time with the shoulder length stringy,”big hair”,and I think you’ll probably agree.I will be listening if I can find the station tomorrow.Thanks again,Matt.[FYI-the word appearance is spelled wrong above on the radio and tv appearances reference.]

  4. Dear BJ,

    I was so happy to hear your voice on the radio this morning on my way to work in Portland, Maine and thrilled to learn of your new release! Your music has always been my most favorite, and if the rest of the songs are as wonderful as the one played today, this will be my most treasured collection (with that in mind, perhaps I better buy a second CD for when I have worn out the first one)! I look forward to listening to you on your next radio segment tomorrow, and hope that you will tour close enough to Maine for me to attend!

  5. BJ Thomas is joined by Grammy winning bluesman Keb’ Mo’ on this newly recorded acoustic version of BJ’s 1971 hit “Most Of All” from the CD “The Living Room Sessions”. Available at Amazon, iTunes, bjthomas.com, and wrinkledrecords.com.

  6. BJ, I was trilled to have the privledge to finally see you live in concert at Centralia College, Dec 2013. Loved the show and wish I had taken a towel to toss you. (You’ll know what that means). Our artic weather was the problem with your dry throat that evening. I bought the CD’s but wasn’t up close enough to get them autographed. Next time. That concert was my Christmas Gift to myself since I lost my “dance partner” last March. You did not disappoint,I loved it. Long time fan and sister in Christ.


  7. You recently taped show “giggin and grubbin” with Doug Frasure. I introduced Doug (my little brother) to your music years ago at the Freedom Hill music venue in Michigan. You have always been an inspiration to me with your music. Hope all is well with you and your family and hope to see and hear you again your next tour through Michigan.

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