New Looks From An Old Lover The Complete Columbia Singles – Autographed CD


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1. Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love
2. I Just Sing
3. New Looks From An Old Lover
4. You Keep The Man In Me Happy
5. Two Car Garage
6. Beautiful World
7. The Whole World’s In Love When You’re Lonely
8. We’re Here To Love
9. The Girl Most Likely To
10. From This Moment On
11. The Part Of Me That Needs You Most
12. Northern Lights
13. America Is
14. Broken Toys
15. Night Life
16. Make The World Go Away
17. Rock and Roll Shoes (with Ray Charles)
18. Pray For Me
19. This Love Is Forever

20. As Long As We Got Each Other
21. The Wind Beneath My Wings